In 2009, the new Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre was opened, along with the Nganthanun Bamawi Bayan Gallery which displays locally produced arts, crafts and artifacts as well as a workshop space for local artists.

The centre is open and accessible to all Hopevale community members to pursue their interest in art and maintain their unique culture. The Centre is often used for community events, meetings, workshops and private functions.

The Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre is a not-for-profit Indigenous corporation managed by a small team of administrative staff and a Board of local Directors. Board members are elected by the members of the centre at the annual general meeting which is normally held every November. The Board is comprised of six local leaders who work with the Manager to achieve strategic goals and ensure the Centre is governed in a professional manner. The Board meets regularly with the Manager through formal Board meetings to ensure the progress of the centre complies with the community’s vision, in accordance to our allocated budget, as well as reaching the strategic goals and to regularly update the triennial business plan. The Board members receive accredited Governance training to ensure their capacity in motioning a sustainable centre is achieved.

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Government funding supports a portion of operational costs however the centre relies on the sales of products and bookings for dance performances to maintain sustainable business. The Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre has over 80 members utilise the centre on a regular basis to produce art. Artists receive 50% of the sale price with the centre receiving the other 50% to cover the cost of high quality materials and professional support that is supplied to the artists. The centre sells products through our local gallery on site, as well as through major southern exhibitions including Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. The seasonal tourism market supports local artists as well as our Yimbaala Dance Group. The centre is engaged with large scale tourism companies who visit the community on an annual basis to provide their clients with an authentic Indigenous experience. The Centre is able to provide a traditional lunch (locally caught bush tucker and sea food cooked in a ground oven), dance performances, billy tea, weaving demonstrations, a chance to meet the local artists, interact with community members and to purchase art directly through the centre (exclusive bookings such as these occur a per/person fee).

Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre have a large range of locally made items to suit every taste and budget. Free tourist information is provided through the centre by either staff or practising artists. Small artwork and artefacts range from $15-$200, Lino prints and etchings range from $150-$300, for the art collector acrylics on canvas or linen start from $100 and go up to $10,000.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

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