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Shane Gibson aka Dhuga is from the bulgun, Thuubi, Dhaarrba and Binthi clans of Guugu Yimithirr nation in Hopevale, Cape York, Queensland. shane received the name Dhuga from his great grandfather Ngamu-Dhuga, and now uses this pheudonym on all his paintings. Shane has been painting for close to a decade now. 

Shane has been a long standing director of the Hopevale Arts and Cultural Center and his work has been exhibited in recent years at - 

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2010

Canopy Art Space Exhibition of Hopevale Art 2010

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2011

Cairns Regional Gallery - Emerging Artist Exhibition 2011

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2012

Kinship Art Market The Tanks 2013

Shane is a fulltime artist and father of tow young girls. He uses synthetic polymer on linen to produce bold and vibrant paintings that tell stories of traditional uses of plants, relation to sacred sites, seasons and cultural responsibilities. 

Shane Gibson
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