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Dora Deemal

Dora Deemal is a senior elder of the Binthi clan. Her husband was a traditional owner Elim Beach known for its unique coloured sands.

Dora has six children and has eighteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Dora's totems are the Gaalaya (Centipede) from her farther's side and the Ngurraarr (Black Cockatoo) & Burriwi (Emu) from her mother's side

Dora  belongs to the Gamba Gamba group (senior women) at the art centre. Artworks by the Gamba draw on traditional Guugu Yimmithirr Warra culture and contemporary and mission time histories. The women hold deep cultural knowledge of family kinship systems, sacred sites, esoteric characters and totems and are passionate about recording language and traditional stories to preserve and hand down to the younger generations.

Dora exhibited her work as part of the Gamba Gamba exhibition in Sydney in 2013 that was sponsored by Tim Fairfax and opened by the NSW Governor Marie Bashir and made notable sales to Tracy Moffatt and other Australian art collectors.

Dora has completed a Diploma in Visual Arts through TAFE Cairns.

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